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We believe that the most high quality, nutritious food must be grown in the most natural environments possible. We love our food, but we are tired of the misleading terms used in our current food system and that the conventional food leaders are hiding the truth about where our food comes from.

That is why here at ROVA Farm, we are working hard to give the most humane and ethical environment to our animals by first, letting them be real animals - on pasture! We also want to give people the transparency of our process so they can know where their food comes from.


Increasing the organic matter in the ground leads to a more resilient soil that grows nutrient-rich plants and forage. By mimicking the behavior of wild herds in nature, animals fertilize and restore the soil as they graze. With the help of their hooves and snouts animals naturally-till the ground so that water can infiltrate much easier and best of all it kicks the plants back into action sequestering carbon. Beyond sustainable, the principle of regenerative agriculture is a way of treating the soil with the objective of putting more in the ground than taking out.

‘’ Healthy soil means better vegetables, better fruits, healthier animals and more nutrient-rich food. ‘’


With the use of automated systems, our partners in various regions can supply high-quality and nutrient-dense pasture-raised meat. Why do we use automated systems to help us move our animals to fresh pasture? If we want to ensure that our animals are safe from predators, that the temperature is just right, fed at the right time and that the animals are moved at the same time every day, we need to employ automation in our process. With all these mundane tasks taken care of, we can spend more one-one time with our animals!

We process all our meat in a local inspected facility, and we dry-age our beef for 30 days creating tenderness in the meat. With the convenience of home delivery or pick-up, your order will ship out as soon as possible.


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